Why Should You Use Dog Shock Collars?

Dog shock collar devices came into the market some 3 decades back, and have been in use ever since despite a lot of controversies. Dog shock collar devices are intended to keep dogs in check with small electric shocks or stimulations, and discourage them from repeating bad or undesirable behavior. As a dog owner, you might be hesitant about the use of these types of equipments and wondering whether or not to use them at all. Find out why you should use them at all.

Dog shock collar

You can get help in training quickly

There are times when you find dogs of certain breeds to be too stubborn to teach good behavior. The problems are compounded with large dogs which are intimidating and aggressive in behavior, and refuse to tow the line even with clickers, citronella spraying collars and other methods. In such cases, training can be achieved fast with shock collars.

You can keep legal troubles away

As a dog owner, you are fully responsible for the behavior of your pet. Constant barking at night, entering the property of neighbors and digging up their flower beds, destroying other’s belongings, attacking and maiming little children in the neighborhood or chasing people and vehicles are some of the most undesirable dog behaviors which can directly invite legal action against you from neighbors and visitors. With the help of dog shock collars, you can avoid these problems and enjoy peace of mind with a restrained canine friend.

Dog shock collar

You can take these off after some time

These devices are actually beneficial in many ways, and when used with care these can ensure proper responses from your canine companion. You can take them off when the positive behavioral patterns have been reinforced. Once your dog has learnt not to repeat undesirable behavior, such as chasing people or barking at vehicles, you can take the collar off. Your dog does not have to keep wearing these for all times.

You can supervise dogs even in your absence

Even when you have left home for your work, shopping or some other purpose, you can get pet containment collars to restrict your pet within your property. You will not have to be worried about your dog leaving the yard and roaming on the streets, waiting to be turned into an accident victim. Even in your absence, shock collars can do the work and automatically prevent them from going outside – leaving you rest assured for all day.

Dog shock collar

You can train your dog safely

Unlike what most anti-collar proponents would like you to believe, dog shock collars are generally very safe to use. These offer only a small amount of voltage stimulation and the static electricity is just minimal in amount. You can adjust the intensity and increase the level of stimulation step by step to ensure your dog does not suffer any physical or emotional damage. Most of these devices also come with other forms of warning, such as loud audible sounds or offensive citronella sprays, which can deter your canine friend from repeating undesirable behavior.

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