Tips in Communicating With Your Dog

Do you own a dog? It is most likely that you do as most households these days have at least one dog though there are those who really live dogs and they have about 5 or more dogs. And they are not even for business. It could be that their homes are not that big as well. Only they really love dogs. So, why did you get a dog? Did you get one to guard your place? Or maybe you get one because you really love dogs! If that is the case, then you surely want to make sure that you have good relationship with your dog. If that is not the case yet, it might be after reading some tips below.


Here are some good tips in improving your relationship with your dog:

  • Though there are times when long distance relationship in humans will work but not when the other party is a dog. That is right, to improve the relationship you have with your dog, you should spend more time with it. But not only empty times, you should plan bonding moments together with your dog.
  • Your dog is just an animal which means, it has lower IQ and it means that it cannot easily understand your means of communication. However, since communication between you is still important, it is a must that you make your signals clear and consistent. Always use the same signals every time you are referring to your dog.


  • Try to exert more efforts in making the meals of your dog extra special. You don’t need to cook for the dog if you are that busy but maybe you can add something that will make it more delicious. You can also add some treats if you want.
  • You should have your dog trained. Just like when you will send your kids to the best schools because you love them, you can also send your dog to a dog training residential course provider as if the dog will be effectively trained by them, you will be the one to benefit.
  • Be playful. Don’t just address your dog when you are mad because it has done something wrong. You should also be lenient to it sometimes especially that it is just beyond your wits being it is just an animal. Be considerate and learn how to love you dog truly.


  • And lastly, you should remain calm. That is right, even when you are about to flare up like when your dog ripped the cushion of your sofa to shreds, you should still hold your temper. You might punish it of course so as it will not do the same thing again, but be sure that you will only show anger for your dog and not because you can’t help it.

Though they are just animals, still there are dogs that are quick to understand. Thus be lenient to your dog and be strict as well when the need will arise.

Author Bio – Tom Mckoy is dog trainer for decades. He believes that a dog can only be a man’s best friend when it has already been trained for behavioral and obedience.

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