Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling With A Cat

How to travel with a cat? – If you have just got the pet and got vacations too, to hit the road or to fly, this question is natural to come across your mind. Cats are not accustomed to staying in closed spaces for hours, as humans are. So, lots of arrangements need to be made to carry the cat along to a travel.

Here is how to travel with a cat hassle-free

The more prepared you are for carrying the cat along, easier will it be for you to travel with it. Listed here are some preparations and enquiries you should make when you choose to travel with your beloved cat.

  • How much Benadryl can be given safely?

The main idea behind giving Benadryl to the cat is to keep her calm and less active, and to tackle motion sickness. So, after consulting a vet for dosage, you can fill your cat with correct amount of this syrup and make travel easier. It is recommended that 5mg Benadryl is sufficient for the cat weighing 10 pounds, so please do your calculations accordingly.

  • Feed the cat properly before travelling

If you do not want to face unwanted halts during the journey, it is advisable to feed the cat properly. The well-fed cats do not get irritated and may even enjoy the change they get while travelling. Also, you must keep the provisions for feeding the cat on the way if the journey is long.

  • Keep them away from home sickness

Once cats have adjusted to the house’s surroundings, they kind of develop an attachment for the elements of the house. So, they may start feeling homesick while travelling. Some people have found the way for handling this situation in the t-shirt or blanket cats use at home. Since these things carry the smell of the house, cats can be calmed down by using these when they show some sign of distress.

  • Are there any cabins for cats available on the plane?

Some airlines have cabins in their planes for providing space for cats and other pets. The owner, if travelling by air and wanting to tag the cat along must ask for the cabins if available. They can adjust the cat there and check on her frequently during the course of travel.

  • Get her accustomed to the car beforehand

The familiar the car is to your cat, less likely will she be irritable. Thus, give her enough time to adjust to the car and let her make it her temporary home before hitting the road. The cats will be easy to handle this way and you will not require interrupting the travel frequently.

  • Take toys along

Toys that are engaging and easy to use in restricted spaces should be carried along while travelling by personal vehicle. These toys can freshen up the mood of her cat and she will forget the pain of leaving the house.

So, consider these basic points if you want to travel with your cat, and make the journey the happier and memorable one.

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