Pet Care System

Aromatic Health spa Treatment

Made from natural plant aromatic components and Dead Ocean salt these may result in the coat moist and clean. The relaxed half immersed belt and also the aroma that increases in to the air heal your pet. They are available in several aroma fragrances for example rose, lavender, lavender, rosemary oil musk mallow, coconut & vanilla.

Aroma therapy and Massage Treatment

Provide your pet an excellent massage with aroma therapy massage gel that contains complex amino chemicals. And aromatic oil. Choose your favourite mixture of fragrances and oils from 6 effects: relaxations, tranquillity, relief of fatigue, decrease in skin trouble, refreshment, soothing of respiratory system system. Additionally they result in the coat lustrous.

Thalassotherapy and Massage Treatment

Within the thalassotherapy system, dirt that contains ocean dirt and seaweed extract components removes waste from insidewithin all the pores which can’t be cleaned away with ordinary shampoo. Additionally, it supplies mineral components. The coat of lengthy-haired dogs becomes easily smooth and fluffy, and also the coat of short haired dogs becomes moist and lustrous. You’ll be extremely pleased if this is finished.

Paw Pad Care Treatment

Paw pads which have been broken by asphalt and dryness are wrapped with steamed towels and massaged with Paw Pad Moisturizing Gel. Paw will revive, and be moist, soft, and puppy like if preferred, like a finish you may choose the anti Slip product to avoid your dog from sliding.

Nail Colour and Art Treatment

Enjoy getting your pets nails coloured? There are other than 10 favourite colours you can buy. Components employed for pets nails are gentle plus they behave as a protector for the pets nails. They’re for pets, so it’s safe for the pet to lick claws.

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