How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

The amount of exercise that your dog needs on a daily basis is specific to them. Some dogs need more exercise than others. The amount of exercise a dog needs is based on the age of the dog, the individual dog’s personality, and the breed of the dog. The health of your dog factors in as well. If you have had your dog for a little while, you’ve probably figured out how much exercise makes him or her happy. You can also allow them to run around with other dogs to gauge how much exercise they want. However, what do you do if you’re going away for a while and can’t take your dog with you?

Dog Boarding

You might be able to get someone to look in on your dog, but it’s much more difficult to get someone to actually exercise your dog. For your pet to stay happy and healthy, you need to make sure your dog is getting between thirty minutes and two hours of exercise each day. The dogs that need the most exercise are those in the hunting, working, and herding groups.

These include any dogs with shepherd in the name, as well as Labradors and several other common dogs. They need about thirty minutes of vigorous exercise a day and approximately one or two hours of generic activity each day. So, how do you give them that while you’re away? You can choose dog kennels in Sydney that provide your dog with space to exercise.

Exercise Space

When you’re going away for awhile, you need to board your dog at a place where he or she can really stretch their legs. That means you need a facility that has a lot of space for dogs to run around and play. Playing with other dogs will also help your dog become more socialised and more active, which will also likely make them a better guest at dog parks.

Some of the short-nosed dog breeds such as bulldogs do not need much daily exercise. However, they do need some exercise. A kennel with several different types of dogs will give them room to play. One of the reasons why short-nosed dogs don’t need as much exercise is because they cannot respirate as quickly as longer-nosed dogs can. Since dogs can’t sweat, they have to pant to cool down. Additionally, they need a replacement for their sweat.

That’s why a lake offers a great solution. When you’re looking for kennels, look for one with a lake for swimming. Many different dog breeds love to swim. Also, it gives them the ability to play for longer. They can simply swim in the lake and the water will quickly cool them off. This is a great option for dogs that love to run, jump, and play. Your dog will likely appreciate the new experiences.

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