Boarding Your Bored Canine During Your Trip

If you’re leaving on holiday, but your dog can’t come along, don’t worry; there is a way for man’s best friend to have a holiday as well with a dog boarding kennel.  Despite what might be associated with kennels, boarding kennels are anything but the cramped in and poorly managed pooch prisons that the word has gained an unfortunate connection with.  Boarding kennels are more akin to canine spas, where your dog will be pampered and cared for while you are pampered and cared for in your cosy hotel room.  It’s no hassle, you just drop off your dog at the facility, sign some paperwork, and you are free to leave, assured that your friend is well taken care of.

Where Are These Boarding Kennels?

Depending on where you live, there could be a number of different kennels to choose from.  For instance, in terms of dog boarding kennels in Sydney, there is one at the heart of the city, giving easy access to any residents seeking a relaxing getaway.  It isn’t difficult to find the kennel you need; you just search online and schedule your drop off.  Most kennels will require vaccination records to ensure the prevention of spreading diseases among the other resident canines.

What Can a Dog Owner Expect from Such a Place?

Glad you asked.  A boarding kennel will most often have a large area for dog running, as well as trained facilitators to keep your friend busy, but safe.  Facilities can also be expected to stimulate the more intelligent breeds, ensuring that your dog receives as great an experience as the other dogs in the kennel.

All resident dogs will be treated to expert grooming and healthcare, again to ensure that the kennel remains healthy, but also to ensure that you can return to find your furry friend as happy and healthy as you left it.  You will return to find your pooch well stimulated and energised, ready to return home with you.

The safety of your pet will also be of high importance.  Many kennels will have full personal and electronic surveillance to protect against snatchers and predators.  In addition, your dog will be kept in a clean, safe kennel of its own to protect against threats from any overly aggressive dogs.

How Much Will It Cost?

You can expect to pay a modest amount per night to keep your dog housed.  It will vary between facilities, though it will usually be anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars a night, about the same as an inexpensive hotel.  It is important to note that you will need your dog’s vaccination records on hand before renting a kennel.  It may not be required at every facility, but it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

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