6 Easy Tips to Welcome Your Canine Friend Home

Adopted a new four-legged friend? Excited to welcome it into your family?


Shifting to a new environment can be ruff, pun intended.

It can be hard for your dog to adjust to its new family and home. So, what can you do to make this change as smooth for it as possible?

We’ve got you covered! Follow these six easy tips and your little friend will warm up to your new home in no time.

1.     Teamwork

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. Ask for consent from all your family members before taking the big decision. Everyone needs to be on board. Then set up some ground rules, for example: Who will feed and walk the dog? Who will clean after it? Which area should be allowed for the dog to explore?

2.     Buy Some Supplies

Get some basic supplies ahead of time. These may include a leash, collar, bowls, food, crate, toys (especially chewy ones), bed, ID tag, and enzymatic cleaners.

3.     Dog-proof Your Home

Make sure there are no hazardous or valuable items lying around your pet. You don’t want your dog going around chewing things it is not supposed to. Installing a crate and baby gates is recommended.

4.     Plan a Safe Trip Home

Some dogs, especially puppies, can get nervous in car trips. When it’s time to bring the dog home, it is best to have someone else tag along with you too. This way one person could drive while the other can make the dog feel calm and secure.

5.     Keep Calm

Your dog is new to this place. Make sure your dog gets used to your family and home before you introduce it to strangers. Showing a lot of affection in the very first introduction can get a little scary for your dog.

 Give it some time and do not overwhelm it.

6.     Welcome Home Buddy!

Introduce your dog to its new home, but make sure that it has a leash on. This way you can have control. Don’t let it wander off to areas where you don’t want it to explore. Introduce it to the toilet area and make sure it gets used to it for relieving.

Introduce your dog to the spot where its bed would be and lose the leash. This would send the message that this is its place to rest and you may find the dog immediately settling there.

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