5 Things To Consider When Buying An Orthopedic Dog Bed

Every pet owner knows how important the happiness of our loved ones is. We want the best for them because they deserve the best that we can give them.

Dog owners have a harder time finding the best sleeping equipment than the cat owners because the first ones are slightly or significantly bigger, depending on the race, and because of the temperament of the animal, of course. If the cat’s only transportation item is the carrier, dogs have more demands, same goes for everything else.

One of the most important items, if not the most important, is the orthopedic bed. It’s wise to get this before your dog gets used to something else. This can hurt your pet and you might even find it impossible to make them use what you got later.

So, what do you need to know about finding the best orthopedic bed? Read on and find out!

1. Comfort

You wouldn’t like to sleep in a tin container, right? Well, neither animals like spending time on improper surfaces while resting at home or driving in the car. You need a bed that is comfortable and suitable for your type of pet.

When we say this, we first think about the size. There are some types averaging only a few pounds and the smallest models will be just fine for them, but for bulldogs or Mastiffs, this will look more like a game than a seriously looking bed. They’ll need something much bigger. A place where they’ll be able to lay down and be comfortable until they rest. See a list of dog breeds and their sizes here.

2. Fabric

Paying attention to the fabric is highly important. You know how dogs leave sheds everywhere, right? This is completely normal, but it will be your job to clean after them since you can’t leave the bed like that until the next time you need it again.

If you choose a fabric that is very comfortable but made of a material that’s impossible to clean, then you made worse than good. The shed might attract bacteria and improper maintenance may cause serious illnesses.

That’s why it’s best to find a bed that is made of materials that are comfortable inside but are furnished with something that will be easy to maintain clean. For example, simple foam inside and a leather furnishing over it will be a dream come true for your pet. They don’t need a silky bed with sparkling diamonds, even though you’ll be able to find all sorts of things on the market that are designed more to show a class than keep your loved ones happy.

Choose wisely. We all want to show how devoted we are, but sometimes we do more damage and make our pets uncomfortable instead the other way around. What you think it’s cool, your dog probably despises. Simple materials and a soft bed are all they need, always keep that in mind.

3. Flexibility

Your pet’s favorite place in the home is often a place that you’re not very fond of. Still, your dog loves it and you have no choice. The bed will probably stay there most of the time. Before you get one, see if the place where it will stay for most of the year fits your needs. You can’t just throw it away after you used it once – this is expensive material and you have to keep it somewhere.

There are some models made so robust that you’ll simply have nowhere to place them. Look carefully if the model you like can be assembled and disassembled so it won’t take too much space at your home. If there’s no option for this, then at least find one that you’ll be sure that you can keep throughout the year. See some models on sites like Dog Life HQ to see if you find something that suits you.

4. Quality

Companies that are producing gear connected to this issue understand that the owners are very sensitive when it comes to their dogs. They want the best for them and almost never save money for their health and well being.

Knowing this, they make items with poor materials and sell them overpriced saying that you’re getting a top-notch product. You have to understand that all this is marketing and you shouldn’t believe everything you hear and read on the internet. When buying an orthopedic bed read what materials were used and see if this is good for your little fellow.

Basically, plastic is the most affordable material for companies, and they tend to use it as much as they can. However, plastic isn’t durable and if it is not properly furnished with something to make your pet feel comfortable, you’ll be sure that you made a mistake.

Don’t get this wrong, plastic is okay if it lowers the price to a level that you’ll feel satisfied, but it must be done with care and furnished with other materials that will make the whole product quality and worth for the money.

5. Price

Like we just say, we never save money when it comes to the health of our loved ones. However, you must be aware that a lot of companies will try to trick you into paying overpriced items for something that is not value for money.

Usually, what’s high-priced is better, but this is not the case. We already mentioned, don’t go for a bed with diamonds because your pet won’t feel better with it. It’s not okay to show class and style when the health is in question.

Know what you’re paying for. See what the bed is made of, do a little research if the materials used are worth as much and see if the features offered are really necessary and needed for your dog’s comfort. If the answer is yes, don’t feel sorry for the money, if the answer is no, be sure that you’ll find something better someplace else.

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