Why a Custom Dog House Makes for a Contented Pet

This past July was National Dog House Repair month in the US. The commemorative designation reminds pet owners about the kind of responsibility they have to their canine friends. The most basic of necessities for a dog is his water, food, and shelter.

Naturally, other supplies are necessary to keep your pet healthy and happy, such as grooming supplies, treats, and a comfortable bed. When considering whether or not your dog needs his own house, you must review your pet’s time outside.

Dogs Like to Spend Most of Their Time with Their Pet Owners

Dogs are social animals. Therefore, your dog wants to spend most of his time with you. If your furry friend spends a great deal of time inside with you, then you definitely need to supply him with a comfy bed.

However, if your dog also spends a good deal of time outside or in your yard, you must make sure he has the right kind of shelter. It is not only a humane action but a legal requirement. Each state has certain laws in place to prevent any cruel treatment of animals.

What to Seek in a Dog House

That is why custom dog houses are popular with pet owners and dogs today. A cosy and custom dog house should not only be a safe and secure place for your pet to reside but also supply him with adequate protection from the elements such as sleet, wind, snow, and rain.


A dog house should also be designed to offer shade from the hot summer sun and insulation from winter’s bitter cold days. Make sure the house you obtain offers a den-like place where your pet will feel secure and safe.

When buying a dog house, remember that some dogs have a difficult time living outdoors. These may include sick dogs, puppies, thin dogs, elderly dogs, and dogs with short hair. Dogs do feel the heat and cold, just like you. That is why the dog house you pick must be a practical and resilient building.

Where to Place the Dog House

Because dogs are highly socialised, they thrive best on companionship. Therefore, canines can experience boredom and loneliness if they are living in solitary quarters. You don’t want to place the dog house too far away from the house. Instead, make sure the dog house is integrated into your yard so your dog still feels that he is still a part of the family or “pack.”

Sometimes it is necessary to keep your dog outside if you must leave for an appointment or go to work. If this is the case for you, make sure you can give your dog the best outdoor shelter possible. Again, locate the dog house near the house so your pet will not feel alienated. Make sure he has plenty in the way of toys and entertainment as well.

Whilst it can be difficult to leave your pet at home, it still has to be done every now and then. If he can run in the backyard and still have adequate shelter, you will still accommodate his needs for belonging and security.

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