Crucial Reasons to Insure Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a beautiful dog on the larger end of the toy-dog spectrum. Their Spaniel blood gives them an athletic build and a genuine love for fun and play. These lovely dogs were one of the very first canines to be classified as “lap dogs.” You acquired yours at the tender age of just six weeks, and you raised it with all the tender care deserved of a good dog. Now that they are fully grown, it is time to protect them from a future problem.

Your dog’s silky, smooth coat of fur and waving tail greet you every evening when you return from work or from school, and this companion has won more than a few shows. Still, these amazing pets only stay in the family for 10 to 16 years with a lot of good care and plenty of grooming. To help them enjoy a longer, happier life, you need to protect them with pet insurance.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet insurance is both cost-effective and extremely useful. Each policy is tailored to fit your unique needs while still retaining 80-percent coverage for charges and fees. If you own more than one dog, you can get a policy for each one with different types of coverage. To understand the reasons why such coverage is so crucial, you need to know the benefits associated with it.

Injuries Cannot Be Predicted

You work hard to keep your animals safe and out of harm’s way, but an accident can never be seen in advance. Medical bills for pets are often in the thousands, as veterinary clinics charge for nearly everything. Such fees include their stay at the clinic, any anaesthesia, any prescribed medications, grooming, and more. If there are multiple options for care, you should never be forced to choose the one most within your budget. Instead, insurance will reimburse up to 80 percent of the charges. With this help, you can give them the best treatments available without worrying about the cost.

Illness Coverage

In the event of a serious illness, you should not have to dig out hundreds just to keep your dog healthy. Instead, get an accidental injury and illness coverage within your dog insurance policy. The monthly fees are affordable and well-worth it, especially if you end up saving thousands on treatments and medications.

Emergency Boarding

If you find yourself in the hospital for more than five days, you need to know that your dog is taken care of by professionals. You can add emergency boarding to your policy to ensure that a licensed boarding facility will keep your dog well-fed, clean, and healthy while you recover. In this way, you need not worry about costly boarding fees in addition to your own medical bills. Not only will you have a trained, dedicated person looking after your pet while you heal, but you will also know that the cost of such a service is taken care of.

Whether you own one dog or more, an insurance policy will protect them against the things you cannot foresee. Your companion is subject to the same illnesses, injuries, and stresses that you experience, and they deserve health insurance just as much as you do.

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