Amazing Tips to Help you Train your Pit Bull Puppy

Of the many dog breeds available, not many of them are as aggressive and negatively stereotyped as the pit bull. But this is an inaccurate and unjust characterization of a dog breed which can be loving and gentle, particularly when raised properly as puppies. Pit bull puppy care is the same as other puppy care. You will have to feed, train and nurture the puppy to become a great canine citizen. The following are some tips to help you when training a pit bull puppy.

Begin the Training Early

It is important to start reading up on pit bull training before you get it. Look for a good website to help you. This allows you to train and socialize the puppy right away when you bring it home. Getting the puppy from a great breeder somehow ensures that the puppy may have already experienced socializing. This, it may already be expose to new sounds, situations, animals and people. Think about hiring a qualified and experienced pit bull trainer to interact and teach manners to your dog.

Train the Puppy the Basics

Basic commands such as stay, sit and come must be taught to the pit bull puppy. This allows you to redirect his attention in case you notice it engaging in bad behavior. For instance, when you notice that the puppy runs up and jumps on somebody, you can just command it to come. The puppy will then stop jumping on the person and instead come to you.


Also, teaching the puppy these commands will keep it safe. When it is about to do something risky such as run into traffic, you can command it to stay or sit in order to reach the puppy.

Teach your Pit Bull Puppy to Stop Biting

A lot of puppies will nip or mouth as they play. They have to learn bite inhibition, particularly when they play so they know it is not fine to bite. Teaching bite inhibition can be done in many ways. However, usually just firmly saying ouch and stopping puppy play already tells the dog that biting isn’t acceptable. Rather than letting it play with your hands, provide it toys that you can teach to release. Also, consider putting the puppy in time out right away following nipping. This is helpful in settling down and telling him biting is not right.CC Protection Dog in action.

Make Use of Positive Reinforcement

If you are training, do not get mad at the puppy. Animals do not understand punishment and may just learn to fear you. Put pull puppies are likely to make mistakes as they learn new things so practice patience. You need to always find a reason to praise your pit bull eve if just for small achievements or steps. For instance, offer the puppy a treat if it is calm rather than punishing it if it is being hyper.Dog Shock Collars

Let It Know You are in Control

Perhaps you will want your pit bull to repeat some commands or actions, especially if it did not obey. With this, your puppy will realize it did not do something correctly and must keep trying until it succeeds. Allow the puppy to rest when he almost finishes the command. Many chances must be given to the puppy to follow your command.

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